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  • happy, healthy, loving, 29 year old looking for a great guy. im at a great place in my life. i love music and going to see it live so it would be nice to meet someoone who enjoys that. no im not referring to carrie underwood concerts.. Miami beach is pretty much the best, i love the sun and the beach every morning i wake up. cooking is a passion and theres nothing better than a kitchen full of friends, food and wine. seriously though, there's nothing better.you can txt me at 7862929410
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  • Analia
  • I'm going to try my best to keep this short and simple like me ;). I'm a very happy person. I don't deal well with a lot of negativity. I attempt to go somewhere new at least once a month . I don't ask for much but let your efforts match your intentions. I believe in a man being a man, in reference to taking the lead. So, I'm not going to initiate contact. Of course, I don't expect the pursuit to be one sided so I'll definitely contribute. .... I randomly find it attractive when men us correct grammar, odd I know. I am orginally from New Orleans but I've been here for years. No kids but I want them . I'm extremely silly and playful . I love to travel and try new things. I listen to all kinds of music and I absolutely love live music so I attend several festivals and concerts. I would consider myself to be well rounded and adventurous.
  • Bit crazy, straight forward, very social and also feminine. Try to sport when possible. Travel frequently. Always looking for challenges and some adventure in life. Like to be treated like a lady.
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  • Have a heart that never hardens have a smile that never fades have a touch that never burnt and have friendship that never breaks.!! Happy Friendship Day 2 my sweet Friend
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