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  • I am bianka and i am very easy going person...i am very friendly and happiness so i would like to meet you to change some experience.. contact me if u have any questions.kiss and hope to see you soon...
  • I like it when a man is classy,( that might be a reason that i like guys who r older, in a way ..lol ). i love philosophy, art, fine sophisticated things;a bit of a perfectionist, pay extra attention to details but always have the bigger picture in mind ;seek beauty and know real beauty when i find it; sensitive, in the way as being able to appreciate life in a more serious manner. being adventurous and exploring new things r really important to me, but i can be very single-minded when i have a goal that is carefully chosen in mind as well. i believe the power of thinkingļ¼Œthe best fortune that one can have, especially critical thinking, so that i would constantly be aware of who i am , different from others; love spending time alone sometimes so that i can have the whole world to myself, but also very sociable, enjoy smart intelligent conversations with people who r special to me. love classical music,good jazz too ,sometimes top 40 as well~ lol, love dancing in general, from graceful moves in ball rooms to shaking booties in fancy clubs and lounges once in a while. always in pursuit of better experiences, both spiritual and material as that is one of the reasons i am here on the website. listening to the three tenors in the forbidden city satisfied my senses to the fullest, while things that r just beautiful like a high fashion vintage editorial picture in vogue, the view of the city of tokyo or simple pleasure like having great food, looking at and smelling gorgeous flowers from butchart garden, just having a sensual sexy time makes me very happy too.
  • I am a single guy looking for that special someone. I am a straight man seeking the opposite sex. I would be friend, lover and partner, in a serious relationship.I like to stay active in my life, so I am looking for someone to do the same.I have intrests in walking, riding, books, car driving, traveling, having a work life, and having a social life with my partner. If you feel ok with this, drop me a line.
  • I consider myself a sociable woman, healthly, with great sense of humor, clever and with desire to enjoying the life :) and if i meet my love, make a family. I would like to meet people with the same interests.
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  • Love music and dancing, laughing, beach parties, boats, sea and nature. Lived in different countries.
  • I am an realist man for to spend whole live with an perfect woman or women with me.
  • I play guitar sometimes i'll cook in my litle kitchen,My name is Emily Marie. I am a some in college. Everyone can agree that I am a good student and that I like to study. My favorite subjects are chemistry and biology. I am going to enter the Internship because my goal is to study these subjects in future and to become a respected professional in one of the fields.
  • Hey! I'm Abigail which my name comes from in biblical "The Father's Joy". Buy the way let me know you that I'm a cool girl. I think :) and playing my guitar and i love also modeling. That's me. Now, im inviting you in my life to become my friend! Come on.
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