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  • I am a very happy person in general... I used to work for somebody for so many years but now I have my own business and can manage my time. I really appreciate life and everything I have. My daughter is grown up already and she is everything for me. I love summer... I love hot weather!!! Doesn't matter how high the temperature is... I don't like to be in the car all the time and really enjoy long walks, doesn't matter where - around the town or along the beach or sidewalk... I love to watch how little kids play and talk to each other, they never annoy me... :) I love animals and my heart just bleeding when I see how people treat them badly. I have a great collection of antique toys. YES, I LOVE TOYS AND I AM NOT EMBARRASSED! I love Lowbrow Art, museums, love to dance and just have a fun and get silly!!! I am looking for a perfect GENTLEMAN, life time partner who doesn't think that his woman must ABSOLUTELY blend her life style with his life style and forget who she is. A man and a woman are two completely different individuals... Doesn't matter how strong their love a devotion to each other both of them need their own space sometimes... He must be responsible, ALWAYS KEEP HIS PROMISES... not greedy...caring, gentle, great sense of humor (very important!...) romantic... VERY ROMANTIC...
  • Want to be introduced to a successful man to share my free time together with. A man that I can admire, respect & adore, who would treat me well and enjoy pleasant company. I am a great companion by providing my undivided attention and passion. He would be glad he chose me. He would enjoy my company and be proud to be with me.
  • hello :) i have so much passion for animals so i became a animal rights activist and as im practicing vegan and mostly raw though but i dont mind if ur not :) im a virgo, which means i enjoy being alone sometimes, .im very fancy but the same time very down to earth im drama free atleast i can say.. i enjoy people who has good energy and great vibes im most likely a happy gal :), i love great things in life, which includes fine dining,great places,beaches,wines and fine peeps :) im very independent as a part time -party event organizer in asia for a -list clubs and an animal volunteer much love.... maria sofia
  • I have been both living in Arizona and in Switzerland the past 4 years, I love to travel, meet interesting and experienced people around the world and have intriguing conversations. I am a hopeless positive person and see the best in everyone. Creating your own world by your thinking - I believe this is the key to a better life together.
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  • Am wesley, fill with a good sense of humor, respect, love, caring and very welcoming. Happy times, Bad times,Or tough times,I still have faith in God. I know everything happens for a reason,but sometimes.I wish I know what that reason was.I am in charge of how I feel & today I choose to be happy. Thank you God
  • am a very simple person, i love the beach,i enjoy movies, television, music, traveling, the desert, the quietness of the mountains, the ocean, sunrises and sunsets dancing and hanging with my sister, am just a simple man with a simple dream i don't have much friends i keep to myself and i am always home,military or church. i like reading a lot , infact meta physics novels especially by tuesday tom clacy and i love cooking

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